Welcome to MAC!

How to Swim with MAC:

To purchase, and complete detailed information about MAC memberships – visit the “MAC Membership” Navigation tab at the top of this website.

MAC Lite


Wednesday mornings at MHS from 8:45-9:30am.
Are You New to Swimming or Have You Been Out of the Pool for Awhile? Try Mac Lite.
MAC Lite offers 45 minute classes to learn proper stroke technique for all four strokes.  No experience is required, but a good swim suit and googles are recommended.

A MAC Team membership, current USMS membership and MAC Swim Membership are required to swim with MAC Lite.

  1. Covid-19. Please wear a mask as you enter/exit the building and pool. As we swim in the era of Covid-19. Please be aware of other swimmers in your lane, and pool and try to maintain as much social distance as possible.
  2. USMS Membership – Why?:  We are requiring a current USMS membership to provide personal insurance to you while you are in the pool. With that membership – you can also participate in any USMS/Michigan Masters swim meet throughout the year.
  3. MAC Trial: MAC offer a 1-Week Free trial to prospective members to see what our practices, coaches, and facilities are like. You must have an active USMS annual membership, or a 1-week USMS trail membership to swim with MAC. To join USMS visit: usms.org.  An active/current USMS Membership is required to register with MAC. You must also join the MAC team. To purchase a MAC Swim Membership and complete the MAC waiver –  CLICK HERE.
  4. Inclement Weather/Practice Cancellation Policy: When Huron Valley schools are closed there will be NO Morning MAC practice, and MAC coaches will send out a Remind, Email, and Facebook notification. For Evening Practice a determination will be made by 4:00 pm, based on current conditions, as to whether there will be practice, and a Remind, Email, and Facebook notification will be send out at that time.

Why Swim with MAC?

• Fun and camaraderie in the pool • Learn correct stroke techniques • Increase the efficiency of your strokes • Develop more physical endurance • Certified coaches • Organized summer open water swims and coached summer open water workouts.

Milford Athletic Club is a Non-Profit (501)c Masters swim club that swims at Huron Valley Pools and Fitness (HVPF). MAC welcomes all adult swimmers (ages 18 and up) of any ability: beginner, former high school, age group, fitness, triathlete or college swimmers. We offer numerous organized workouts a week. Each workout is coached by a certified Masters coach and runs 1-1/2 hours. Swimmers are grouped by ability into separate lanes, and workouts will vary depending the lane. We off a 1-week FREE trial membership. To join the MAC team, and sign up for Swim Memberships, please visit the MAC Memberships tab at the top of this website.

MAC has won The Michigan State Championship Meet (Michigan Masters), the past SEVEN consecutive years 2013-2019.

2019 Michigan State Meet Champions!