Training Drills



Xleg Force body rotation
OK, LongHorn, Fist Feel pull from forearm and enhance feel on palm
Deadman Isolate and work underwater pull
Zipper Elbows up and forearms against the water
Scooter Rotation and timing of pull
Tennis Balls Catch and pull of stroke keeping pressure on ball
Poles Elbows up and correct underbody crossover
K-Up Eatch and timing of stroke
12/1… 3/3 Timing of stroke and initiating kick to hip roll
Lane Pull High elbow and front quadrant swimming
Partner Drag Hip rotation to create strong pull
Wall Tap Finish with heel of hand
Run Practice front quadrant pull in vertical plane
Mid Quad Maintain high elbow as transition pull to push
Cups Maintain high elbow and forearm pull thru out pull
Big / Lil Kick Stretch hip flexor, use hip and glute to kick
Vertical kick Small kick keeps shoulders up
Kick board war Small kick has power
1 arm pull breathe opposite side Rotation
3/3/3 Focus on equal rotation and pull
Bilateral Breathe Rotation
Paddles HOLD Equal pressure thru out entire pull
Paddles FOREARM Use forearm as pull fulcrum
Salute High elbow, entry and catch
Head tap Entry postion
Flutter kick one leg up Stability and glute kick
Shark tail Elbow up for recovery
Sweet Spot Correct body position on side not stomach
Front skull Use upper back thru hands to create power at catch
Fulcrum paddles Wrist steady to hold water from palm
Skank Walk High elbow thru out
Corkscrew Use hip for rotation not head lift and roll
Feet first free Find water, feel push
OK-overkick Generate momentum from kick and set tempo
Partner swim with board Correct cross over


12/1… .3/3 Timing of stroke and entry with kick, rotation
30, 60, 90 Timing of stroke and entry with kick and rotation
Chix Wings Mid pull with elbow down and forearm pushing
Clock Timing of stroke with kick and stability
Lane Pull Entry point of stroke and catch to push
Big / Lil Kick Stretch hip flexor, kick from glutes
Heel Wall taps Kick from glutes
K Up Timing and stability
Feet first back skull generate Power using hands and wrist
Tennis balls Maintain power thru out pull
Cups Maintain hand position and pressure on water


Opposite arm and leg Timing of pull and kick
Fast hands Catch and recovery to thrust body undulation fwd
Elbow Squeeze Lift of stroke to create undulation
Breast arm / free kick Turnover of stroke
Breast arms / fly kick Undulation to drive glide forward
Xleg Force undulation to move fwd
Porpoise Undulation from hip not head
Knee bands Kick from feet and knees
Wall Push ups Use upper back for pull
Windshield wiper skull use Forearms to generate pull with high elbow
Rockets Explosion of kick with streamline glide


Rockhopper Underwater pull
1 arm breathe side Timing of stroke with kick
1 arm breathe front Timing of stroke and breathe with kick
1 arm free / fly kick Learn pull associated with free
Fly arms / br kick Get undulation to allow for breath
Alt fly kick and br kick Keep hips up with pull
Skull Create power in conjunction with hips to breathe
BIG / Lil Use core not head fast and snappy ontop water
Flockets Timing of kick with mid stroke thrust
FINS No kick increase surface area so feel push for hips
Porpoise Undulation of body
Lane line over under Undulation
Butt thrust on wall Use core to generate movement not head
Fast fly arms Turnover and no drive down
Any stroke can be swam with items below to isolate component of stroke
Tennis balls
Vertical kick