From Carol Schemanske:  

I just returned from 25 days in Italy. Longest break I’ve had without swimming since I started with MAC. I traveled with my cousin and when she asked how my first swim was when I returned, this was my response. I want to share it with my coaches and teammates to let you all know what a gift you have given me. Thank you all. I hope you can all take a moment to capture some of this in your swimming too..

My first swim back was a new experience for me. I’ve not been out of the water this long since I started with MAC. Amazing. Invigerating. In touch with myself. Awareness. Happiness. Powerful. Competent. A feeling of being where I belong. It was almost sensory overload. Sensations a swimmer should feel, and to the max – the feeling of the bubbles along my body, the cool essence of the water on my skin, the sensation of flotation, but like floating on air. The awareness of my body position as I skimmed along the surface of the water (the perfect swimmer’s position), the “catch” of the water by my hands, the strength of my kick. The total calm as I came off the wall after flips, no fear of sustained time under water. The power of my body undulations under water, the naturalness of being one with the water. The ease of my swimming, even the butterfly. The ease of my breathing, both inhale and exhale; the comforting rhythm of my breathng. The magic that we humans can feel with the water. It felt like my first time in the water, and being able to just jump in on your very first try, without having to learn or take lessons, just knowing how magically – like a dream where you know how to fly. I swam 3 miles and I felt as if I had not taken time off, nor been away from it. No pain or soreness or fatigue yesterday or this morning. I am a calmer, stronger swimmer.  I am fully aware of how I have grown as a swimmer in the last few years, how natural it has become to me, both my mind and my body. Everything my coaches have been trying to teach me and share with me. Still slow, but that will come; still have so much more to learn, but I’ll continue to improve. I’m loving it more than ever. Can’t wait for open water to begin, and a whole new set of sensations.