Intervals, Pace, Rest Intervals, & Target Times

Rest interval = total time BETWEEN each repetition that you rest, regardless of your time to complete the rep.

So, if a set is written. 10 x 50 free  RI = 10 sec
Take 10 seconds between each 50.

If you complete the 50 in 35 seconds… 10 seconds rest
If you complete the 50 in 50 seconds… 10 seconds rest

Interval = total time to complete each repetition PLUS your rest time.
Generally indicated by “@“ or “Int =… “

So, for the same set, it could be written as 10 x 50 free @ 1:00.
This means you start every 50 on the minute.
If you swim it in 35 seconds, you get 25 seconds rest.
If you swim it in 50 seconds, only 10 seconds rest.

Another example:  5 x 100 @ 2:05… would leave for each 100 like this….
#1  0:00
#2.  2:05. (0 + 2:05)
#3.  4:10. (2:05 + 2:05)
#4.  6:15. (4:10 + 2:05)
#5.  8:20. (6:15 + 2:05)

Pace (P or @P)  = this is the time you can CONSISTENTLY hold at 80-85% effort with moderate rest.
Sometimes, we ask you to set an interval off your pace time.
For example…. 5 x 100 @ P+15sec.  So,if you swim your 100s at 1:50, your set would be 5 x 100 @ 2:05. (And, you’d get the example set in the above section.)

Target times = the time we want you to achieve on a given swim.  This may be faster or slower than your Pace time.

We’ll base your target time on any one or two of many factors, so just trust your coach and work to the target!

Regardless, the set is written with a specific goal, so it’s important to HONOR the interval or rest interval and the intensity (high or low, fast or slow) the coach is asking for.  This is how you get the best benefit from each workout.