Swim Meets: 101

LCM = Long Course Meters … SCY = Short Course Yards.

The swimming year is divided into two seasons … Long Course and Short Course. In the fall and winter, most meets are held in pools that are 25 yards long (SCY) and sometimes 25 meters long (SCM). In the spring and summer, most meets are held in pools that are 50 Meters long (LCM). There are championship meets at the end of each season.

1. ALL ability levels of swimmers are WELCOME.

2. Plan on showing up at the meet about 15 mi before the start of the warm up IF you have your entry completed or 30min before if you need to complete your entry ie: deck enter or write a check.

3. You will want to bring: a pen or pencil, a lock, min of 2 towels, sweats or t-shirt and shorts for on deck, deck shoes, a drink ie: acclerade, a snack ie: trail mix, fruit yogurt, bars, bagels, extra goggles and cap, suits, a copy of your entry, a deck chair, iPod or book if you need to be amused, a camera to record the event :). The team will sit somewhere on deck together, so your stuff will be watched but theft is usually not a big issue. I leave my dry towel and a set of clothes in the locker room and bring the rest on deck in my bag.

4. Ribbons are given 1-3 at regular meets and awards are 8 deep at state meet. Results are posted on the walls around the pool deck.

5. For each event you are swimming look on the heat sheets for your lane and heat ( group ) assignment. you will be expected to get yourself behind the blocks ready to go with your heat. The score board will show the event and heat number that is in the water swimming.

6. You do NOT have to do flip turns, dive from the blocks or anything fancy…just have fun. Remember for breast and fly you MUST touch with 2 hands at the same time and back you MUST touch and push off on your back unless you flip the turn.

7. Warm-up is done in a circle pattern and you may NOT dive in or use any equipment other than goggles during warm up. About 1/2 way thru they will open a lane or two for one way sprints where you may dive from the blocks. Swim about a 300 or so and get familiar with the pool. DO a few 50’s build to get yourself going and to work the walls at race pace.

8. The TEAM will be there to help you so don’t fret…it sounds like a lot but its fairly simple… AND FUN!!