Break The Code: Swim Workout Abbreviations

k = kick
dr = drill
sw = swim
sc = scull
RI = rest interval
p = pace if written to right and pull if written to left with paddles
br = breath (usually with specific pattern i.e. every 3rd)
FR = free
BK = back
BR = breast
FL = fly
IM = individual medley
F! = fast
T = get your time
f = fins if written to the left
WD = warm down
str = stroke other than free
ch = choice any of the 4 strokes
s = snorkel if written to the left
Vkick = vertical kick
kick and go = kick on wall then swim
tombstone k = kickboard up right in front of you not flat on water
xleg = xlegs and pull with arms
ez = easy recovery swim
pp = people paddle (freestyle drill with no over water recovery)
s.c. = stroke count (amount of strokes per 25)
CRUISE = fastest possible speed while holding an average stroke count