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Lindsey McFarlane

I have been swimming all my life.  We had a pool in the back yard as a kid and my mom put us on the local team so we could be safe in the water.  I never stopped after that.  I swam competitively with Spartans and Sports Club as a uss swimmer.  Then continued to Novi High School and Northern Michigan University.  While at ... More

Janette Heaton

Janette began her coaching career as a high school student, and she continued coaching while pursuing a BA from Northern Michigan University. She ran summer coaching clinics at NMU while a still a student and coached the swim team at Negaunee High School during her final year at NMU. After college, she honed her skills during ... More

Jim Izzi

I am somewhat new to swimming.  In 2007, while training for a triathlon, swimming in the Milford pool, I was interrupted by the MAC founder, and former Head Coach, Suzanne Grebe, who kicked me out of my lane and said “MAC masters swim practice is about to start”.   Reluctantly, I moved down to lane one, I watched MAC, ... More

Maria Veen

I have always had a love of water, even from infancy when I fell into the deep end of the pool & wanted to do it again after my brother fished me out. At the encouragement of a parks & recreation swimming instructor, my parents signed me up on the Birmingham YMCA swim team when I was 10. I barely passed the 200 yard ... More

Kris Goodrich

It seems like every which way I turn there is water in my life. I grew up on a small lake in Northville and spent all of my summers swimming in it every day (after my parents made me take every swim lesson and pre-team possible to make sure I was a strong swimmer). I refused to be on the swim team - staring at a black line all ... More

Dianne Johnson

Dianne graduated from Michigan State University is 2000 with a degree in Parks and Recreation, Natural Resource Based Management. While in school, Dianne had a successful swimming career as a captain and four-time top 16 finisher at the Big Ten Championships finishing her career at the 2000 Olympic Swimming Trials. After ... More