Custom MAC Swim Suits

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Women’s Suits: There are multiple suits to choose from including one tech suit (FINA logo). The Fusion suits are a great new option because they were designed by a Master’s swimmer for women’s bodies. The Fusion P is designed for pear shaped bodies and the Fusion IT is designed for those that are a little more top heavy. There is also a practice/open water zipper back suit (not legal for competition) Streamline Kneelength Bodysuit #8 as well and a tech suit for competition (FINA Logo) Proback #7.

Mens’ Suits: Men are easier! There is a brief and a jammer option and a competition tech jammer (FINA Logo) #5. When you look at the jammers on the site they look a little different because of they way they display the design.

Ordering: When you order your team suit directly from Agon, it will ship directly to your home address. Shipping starts at $5.00.