MAC Weekly: Nov. 1-7th, 2020

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Weekly Practice Schedule (New)
November 1st-7th, 2020:

Mon 11/2: 9:15-10:45am – MHS – Coach Jim
Tues PM Only 11/3: 6:45-8:15pm – LHS – Coach Melissa
Wed 11/4: 9:15-10:45am – MHS – Coach Dianne
Thurs PM Only 11/5: 6:45-8:15pm – LHS – Coach Dianne
Fri 11/6: 9:15-10:45AM – MHS – Coach Janette
Sat 11/7: 10:30AM-12:30PM – LHS – Coach Jim

CLICK HERE for QUICK ACCESS to the MAC Health Screen Form, which needs to be completed every time you come to the pool.

1. NEW Practice Schedule for November: Starting November 1st. There will no longer be Tuesday & Thursday MAC AM practice. There will still be PM practice at LHS on both days. Note: This change is temporary as we hope to bring TU/TH AM practices back when practice numbers improve.

2. Registration Reminder:  We realize the new registration process is somewhat complicated. We are currently working on streamlining the whole process, so please be patient as you register, until we get all of the kinks worked out..  If you ever have a registration question, please email Kris, Dianne, or Jim (emails below), and they’ll help you through the process.  For now, basically you need these steps, in order, to swim with Mac.
1. Current USMS Number. A new USMS membership is good for until Dec. 2021.
2. Join the MAC Team ($5 annual fee), and sign the annual MAC waiver.
3. Purchase a MAC Swim Membership. Many options available.
4. Before you come to the pool, complete the MAC Health Screen Form (available at Link in above schedule)
Thats It!  Please visit our website, to register, and for complete details.

MAC Swimmer of the Week: Candi Good

My name is Candi Good.  I live at Dunham Lake in Highland with my husband Tom and our dog Lena.  We have one daughter who lives in the Grand Rapids area with her husband and our 4 grandsons.I joined  MAC in September of 2017 as a  rookie swimmer. I have no high school or college swimming experience.  I just love the water, be it sailing, kayaking or just being in it.

Carol Schemanske, sent out a neighborhood email trying to get more people interested in MAC.  I decided I’d give it a try.  I needed to get more exercise and thought swimming would be a good way to do it.  I have tried all the water aerobics, but they weren’t enough for me.  I am not an athlete, I don’t go to the gym, and I’m not interested in competing. I just needed more exercise. I went to the 3 free practices and decided to make a commitment.  I liked being in the pool, the people were friendly and the coaches were really nice and knowledgeable.  I’m sure they got tired of telling me the same thing week after week. I guess it has finally, somewhat sunk in and I’m trying to be a better swimmer. I appreciate all the tips and pointers the coaches have given me to try and improve my time in the water.  I find it amazing and challenging how all the techniques have to be properly timed to become a better swimmer.  It’s a wonderful feeling when they all do come together, as brief as it may be.  There is so much to remember!

I had no idea what I was doing, not only did I not know how to swim any of the drills and some of the strokes.  I couldn’t figure out what in the world was going on with that white board!  Thankfully, my lane mates were very helpful and we became good swim buddies.  I have made new friends at MAC and look forward to swimming with them.

This year with Covid going on I’ve been swimming a lot in the lake.  Lake swimming is a lot different from the pool, but I like it.  There are no walls to stop to rest and you have to deal with the wind and waves.  Maybe eventually I’ll learn how to do bilateral breathing so I don’t get a mouthful of water!  I’m slow as ever, but I eventually get it done. Carol has inspired me to be strong and try to push myself. I even purchased a wetsuit this fall to increase my swimming time in the lake. It has been fun.

I have enjoyed the Saturday Swim Spots here at Dunham.  I am amazed at how many of you are willing to get up early on Saturday mornings to come and swim. I like being in my kayak and watching you all, it’s a learning experience.

The Mac to The Moon that Coaches Melissa and Jim organized was great. It’s another example of their dedication to MAC.

We spend our winters in Florida and hopefully the pools will be open and I can practice all that I’ve learned.  I want to thank everyone who has been there to help me on this journey. The coaches, my lane mates,  and my new friends.

MAC Swimmers are the greatest advertisements of all! We love how you share your stories on social media, with friends, etc. We would like to share your stories as well. Each week we will highlight a MAC Swimmer so we can learn more about the team.


Join the Team!
Even if you are not ready to return to the pool, you can still show your support to MAC by officially joining the team!  An annual team membership is just $5.  A MAC team membership is required before you can purchase a swim visit membership.

Your first year as a MAC member you receive a MAC swim cap, and MAC Logo car sticker.

Once again, this holiday season, we are planning for a way for the MAC team to give back to our community.  We are open for ideas, and suggestions from the team, as to where our efforts can be best directed to those in need .  Please email Coach Kris: .
Workout of the Week:

By Coach Dianne Johnson

Workout:400 (75sw, 25 kick on bk)
4×25 w/snorkel and bouy scull

2 x through set:
{100 kick with board
{4×75 (50 drill, 25 swim)
1,2 25 swim is closed fist
3,4 25 swim is Strong
Drills – Fly, rockhopper
Bk, lane line pull
BR, separate 1pull, 1kick
FR, people paddle
{150 (50fr, 50 stroke, 50fr)
By round the above portion is: 1. Best stroke, 2. Worst stroke

{2×200 IM 1. Swim, Kick, pull (bouy only), swim
2. Kick, pull, swim, kick
{8×50 FR Best Average
Round 2 switch IM to 4×200 and 50s FR to 4×50


Team Communication:

We use REMIND app/website, to send out last minute schedule changes, or messages. To sign up, and for more information – CLICK HERE

Coach Contact Info:


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