Summer 2019 Open Water

Here are some options for those of you who are interested in training opportunities and/or events:

MAC Open Water Swim Practice:

The upcoming summer MAC practice schedule will include a Thursday evening practice at Spring Mill Pond with Maria (Starting June 13).

Swim to the Moon:

Looking to get a new swim event on your calendar to train for?  Consider Swim to the Moon (open water swim event in Pinckney State Recreation Area) on Sunday 8/18!  There are distances for everyone:  .5 mile, 1.2 mile, 5k and 10k. If you sign up, be sure to select the “Milford Athletic Club (MAC)” team designation so we can track our #BAN MAC swimmers!  Click link for more information:

MAC SSS (Saturday Swim Spots):

SSS information Printable version – CLICK HERE

We’ll continue to have our informal group swims on Saturday mornings.  Looking to start this on June 1st – stay tuned for confirmation and details as we get closer!  This year we’re looking at making Dunham Lake our “home” lake but still traveling around to other lakes here and there.

  • For those of you new to MAC…Coach Melissa and Kim Yarima lead a group swim every Saturday morning during the summer months.  It’s not a formal practice and there’s no coaching – just a group swim of varying distances.  We use the buddy system and watch out for one another.  Various levels and speeds of swimmers – EVERYONE welcome!

We would strongly recommend that anyone interested in SSS or other open water swims over the summer months, purchase a swim bouy and a whistle. Safety is key when we are out in open waters! Both are easy to find at Swim Outlet or New Wave Swim or even Amazon. Here are links: Purchase a Swim Buoy – CLICK HERE

Purchase a Whistle – CLICK HERE

MAC Saturday Swim Spots – Schedule, and General Information

Saturday Swim Spots (SSSs) give you a chance to join a weekly group open water swim. For the 2019 season, we will meet every Saturday morning at the locations listed below. Please carefully read the guidelines below for what you need to know:

  •  This is NOT a coached practice but instead a group swim of varying distances and speed. While we generally have a course/distance mapped out, you can adjust the swim for what you’re looking for in a workout.
  •  This is NOT exclusive to MAC members! Invite anyone you want to join us.
  • ALL speeds and levels of swimmers welcome.
  • We watch out for one another in the lake. If you come…we expect you to buddy up with someone of a similar speed and keep a watch on your fellow swimmers.
  • We would strongly recommend that during any open water swim, you consider using a swim buoy and a whistle. Safety is key when we are out in open waters! Both are easy to find at Swim Outlet, New Wave Swim or Amazon.
  • We will use Remind if there is a need to cancel a swim – if you’re not on the Remind App, use the directions listed below to sign up.
  • We will adhere to safety rules regarding lightning and take a conservative approach – if lightning and/or thunder is in the vicinity we will not swim and instead seek shelter as appropriate.


6/8/19 Dunham Lake

6/15/19 NO SSS – Go to Tom Welsh’s BIG Swim!

6/22/19 Trout Lake

6/29/19 Dunham Lake

7/6/19 NO SSS – Holiday

7/13/19 Trout Lake

7/20/19 Dunham Lake

7/27/19 Dunham Lake

8/3/19 Trout Lake

8/10/19 Dunham Lake

8/17/19 Dunham Lake

8/24/19 Trout Lake

Directions for Trout Lake:

Trout Lake is located inside Island Lake State Park in Brighton. You will need a State Park pass to enter the park. Once you go through the main entrance/guard shack, go straight towards Kent Lake Beach. Park in the far west side of the Kent Lake Beach parking lot, by the portajohns. We will meet there and walk to Trout Lake together. Please note: it’s about a 1/3 of a mile walk to Trout Lake from the parking lot.

 Directions for Dunham Lake:

Jack Colliton’s Home: 930 Murray Hill, Highland, 48357

  • Take M-59 to Tipsico Lake Road north
  • 1/4 mile north Tipsico Lake Road curves left, but keep to the right (north)
  • Now you’re on Murray Hill
  • 930 Murray Hill is at the bottom of the hill on your right
  • Black mailbox, brick cape cod, white shutters
  • Be sure to park on the grass or in the driveway – cars come down this hill fast and you don’t want to be parked in the street

 NOTE: We are the guests of Jack Colliton and Carol Schemanske. Without their presence, we would not be able to swim here. If anyone should ask you…be sure to mention your hosts. Jack’s home is approximately a 1/4 mile walk to the beach. You can leave your items in your car or bring them with you to the beach – however be aware the beach is an area open to the entire subdivision.

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