State Meet!!!!!!

The State Meet is fast approaching and if you haven’t heard yet we, MAC, are hosting the meet. We need all hands-on deck this year not just because we’re hosting but because we want to continue our tradition of excellence, our State Championship run (6 in a row), and we want to show the State of Michigan what it is to be MAC Strong and part of a #BAN!

If you are in town April 12-14th, we need you to come out and compete. Whether you can swim a full line-up of 7 events plus relays or you can only make it to one session, MAC needs you! In order to win our 7th consecutive State Title we need a strategy. If you are new to MAC, here’s a little insight as to how we win.

First, relays; we create the maximum amount of relays every session and every event. This is the main reason we add a link to the Google Doc on the website. This year, since we are hosting, relays need to be completed in advance. So please, let us know your availability as soon as possible so we can start putting them together!

Second, we do our best to spread out points within age groups. This is another great reason we use the Google Doc. You can check it to see what other people in your age group are swimming and sign up accordingly. Since we have so many different practices and you may not always see others in your age group, we have added an e-mail column so you can coordinate with others within your age group if you would like to do so. Ann Arbor Masters was out to get us last year. We have heard rumors that FAST would like to take us down this year. Now, it is not really all about winning to us but it would be nice to keep the banners coming. What makes us a team is that we work together to do this. We work within our age groups and coordinate. We don’t all swim the flashy events that are easy. We swim the 400 IM, the 200 Fly, the 1000 Free at the end of a long meet. Every single age group does this from 18-85. That’s how a team works and that’s how we score our points. Now, don’t tell our secret! Because the other teams don’t know this and they don’t do that and that’s how we stay ahead of the others who only sign up for the 50, 100 and 500 Free! Talk to others in your age group – pick a couple of your favorites, pick a couple that are a stretch for you, then spread the points across the events so we score in all of them. You can do this in advance of registering online.

You can access the Google Doc straight from our website under the State Meet tab. The password to access is: macswimmers. Please note that you can only edit the Google Document from a desktop/laptop computer. You will not be able to add via a cell phone or tablet. If you don’t have access to a computer, I would be happy to add your information! Please email me at:

One final point, you don’t need to wait until you register for the State Meet to fill out your information. As soon as you know what days you’re attending the State Meet, fill out your relay information!

The excitement is building! Let’s Go MAC!

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