State Meet 2019

Hi everyone!!

Just two short months away is our state meet – and it’s the closest to a home state meet we’ll probably ever have. We’re so excited to host and we would like to put on the best state meet in recent history. We’re the Home Team and we want to rock the house!

Our goal as a team is to have a minimum of 80 swimmers. Even if we only have you for just one day we want you! Remember that State Meet is where memories and friendships are made and those people that you see way over at the other side of the pool? That’s when you finally get to know who they are. The morning and evening people who never see each other? Yep, you have to socialize as well. That’s what makes us one big MAC happy family. Registration is now open so no excuses accepted – are you ready to SWIM?!?!?!

The profits from State Meet will be divided between all the Huron Valley swimming teams (MAC 50% then the rest to Milford & Lakeland Boys’, Lakeland Girls, Milford Girls’, and HV Penguins) as they will be helping to staff some of they volunteer hours. Originally we were planning on fundraising for new scoreboards for both Milford and Lakeland pools but since the scoreboard replacements are not happening the proceeds will now go directly to all teams involved. This means that your registration fee goes to support our team and also our young local teams which is a great cause!

Sponsors: In addition to registration fees this year, we are trying something new. Attached to this e-mail you will see a Meet Sponsorship Packet. We have already sent this to all the other teams as well. We would love to raise additional money by offering sponsorships to local businesses. If you know of any businesses or are a local business owner yourself this is a great opportunity to advertise to 350 swimmers at the meet. We’re hoping to not only have advertisements in the Meet Program but also our goal is to have an event sponsor for each of the 21 events and raise additional money through that!

2019 State Meet Sponsor Info

Volunteers: We will need volunteers throughout the whole weekend but our primary focus as the MAC team is the early Friday session (all the kids are in school). Attached is the Signupgenius link so that you can look it over and start to sign up to volunteer.

Click to Volunteer

MAC Wear: We are ordering custom caps again this year. Very shortly a link will be available on the MAC website where you can place an order for those. Two silicone custom caps with your name will be $25.00. Regular MAC latex caps are always available for purchase for $5.00. We are also in the process of coming up with a slogan and team shirt for this year and that link will be on the MAC website as well. We have also contracted with AGON swim and designed new team suits. They will be available in a variety of cuts for both men and women and a sizing kit is on its way. You will be able to try them on at the pool for a limited time and then there will be a seven day ordering period with discounted shipping. After that time you will be able to order the suits on their website anytime but will pay standard shipping. As soon as all of this is set up we will let you know in the weekly or additional e-mails.

State Meet Preparation Meeting/More Details: Saturday February 23 9:30am – After morning practice

We will have bagels after practice, t-shirt samples and the sizing kit for team suits available. We will be discussing the sponsorships and the volunteers needed. We would love to have as many people make it as possible. It will take a TEAM to pull off the best state meet ever so we need your help!

If you are looking through things and have questions please feel free to e-mail me @ or Jim

Thanks everyone!


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