September 8th-14th, 2019

Weekly Schedule (9/8-9/14):


Fall Schedule Starts Monday, September 16

Fall Schedule:

Monday               9:30-11am, Dianne

7-8:30pm, Jim

Tuesday              9:30-11am, Jim              Distance

Wednesday         9:30-11am, Dianne

7-8:30pm, Melissa

Thursday             8:45-9:30am, Kris       MAC Lite

9:30-11am, Kris            Technique

Friday                  9:30-11am, Dianne      Race Pace

Saturday             7:30-9:30am, Maria



Noteworthy: The Fall Schedule starts on Monday 9/16! Are you ready? Make sure that you check the website for all latest info not only on practice times and schedule but for helpful tips, training gear, a practice glossary, MAC apparel, much more!


The coaches are excited for our fall start! We have each picked our favorite piece of equipment that is recommended for your equipment bag. Take a look at the From the Coaches section for our picks and links to purchase; happy shopping!



Upcoming Events:

September 16           Fall Season Start


Event Details/Results:


From the Coaches:

Jim: Zoomers!  They’re not the same as big fins. Zoomers encourage a smaller, faster kick while increasing ankle flexibility.  The MAC coaches write workouts with Fin specific sizes in our sets.  Using the correct fin for the set it important, to get the most out of the set.  Why I like FINIS brand zoomers? There are other brands of zoomers, I like FINIS because they are a quality short fin, and I like the shortness (length) of the fin. Some of the other zoomer brands are a little longer, and don’t give the same feel as FINIS brand.  Also, FINIS can have a bit of a tight fit (which I also like). I’d recommend a fin sox if you have feet issues.

Kris: My favorite piece of training equipment and what I recommend you need for this season! This is a newer model snorkel with a very comfortable headpiece and the mouthpiece turns to the side for backstroke or in between sets. If you’re used to a purge valve it does not have one so it’s a little different at first. I found it easier once I got used to it. Why I like it: great for sculling, kicking, and amazing for drills to really focus in on the drill and not have worry about breathing. An essential for your swim bag if you don’t have one!

Melissa: Here’s my favorite open water goggle:  I went through multiple goggles for open water until I landed on this one. You can wear them for hours in comfort. Other pairs I’ve had literally made the bones around my eye sockets hurt after a while and these never do that. I have two pairs – tinted for those sunny days and clear for cloudy days. They don’t leak, and I love the ability to buy them in “small fit”.

Here’s my favorite pool goggle:  I like this goggle because it stays in place when diving and is really comfortable. It comes in women and junior sizes too. I have two pairs – one I use only in meets and one that I use only in practices. I always loosen up the pair I wear for practice and it still doesn’t leak!  They also come in a variety of colors for those of you trying to color coordinate with your suit.

Maria: These are a versatile set of paddles, that can be used in all strokes and drills.  They are a great price relative to other paddles. They fit the hand great and the materials of the paddles feel really nice.

Make sure you get the right size to fit your hand. You want the paddle to essentially fit the contour of your hand, not buy the biggest size to get more resistance. Bigger is not better, my friends!

Dianne: My equipment pick is something somewhat new but is a nice versatile tool for your bag. The alignment board is a great piece of equipment that can be used as a kickboard, a drill assist, and could even double as a pull bouy. I prefer this board to an actual kickboard because it allows you to have a lower profile on the water while kicking either with or without a snorkel. It can be used many different way throughout a training season and I’m sure I can come up with new inventive ways to use this tool as well!



On a Personal Note: Special thanks to Coach Maria for organizing and running another awesome Labor Day Games. Thanks also goes out to Coach Jim for assisting and referring all the fantastic events. We had great weather and it was a perfect day. We will look forward to another great Labor Day Games next year!

Special thanks to Tom Welsh for his wonderful generosity and hospitality in hosting the final Big Swim of the summer. It rained a bit before getting in the water, but the skies cleared, the sun came out and it turned out to be a fantastic day. Thanks again to Tom for opening up his home and providing, once again, a fantastic event!


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