Sept. 29th-Oct. 6th, 2019


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Weekly Practice Schedule

October 6-12th, 2019

All practices will run as scheduled this week. Please CLICK HERE to visit our website, and view the MAC weekly practice schedule. We will be focusing on and resetting Backstroke this week.

Thursday Drill Focus Sculling & Saturday’s workout will also include bonus sculling. Both groups will start on deck with a fun exercise you won’t want to miss so don’t be late!


1. Don’t forget about The Milan Swim Meet this Sunday, Oct. 13th!
There’s still time to register at: for more information

2. Milford Monster swim meet at MHS will be Sunday, October 27th. Great chance to get some early season times, to help set goals for the season. Register at

MAC Olympics

Swim Your Way to Bronze, Silver and Gold

As we approach the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan the MAC team will also be training for their own Olympics in Milford, Michigan! For the 2019-2020 season you will be able to earn Bronze, Silver and Gold medals by swimming events in practices, at meets, and at the 2020 State Meet. You can set goals to challenge yourself, race against teammates and even participate in our Medal Ceremony next spring!

Track Your Progress There is a banner up at the Milford pool with a spot for your name and all the events. As you swim them in each category (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) you can either check them off or write down your swim time as a way to challenge yourself and set a goal for the season. In order to earn your Gold Medals you must write your times down as a way of tracking your progress.

Bronze Medal You may earn one bronze metal by swimming all seventeen events in practice. We will be swimming one event each week starting soon. If you miss that week you can make it up during any other practice week – just let a coach know so that we can make a note of it.

Silver Medal You may earn 17 (yes you read that right!) total silver medals. One medal for each event you swim at a meet during the regular season. There are 11 regular season meets so that gives you plenty of opportunities to go to a meet, swim the events, have a great time, and socialize while cheering on your MAC teammates! The first meet is October 13 at Milan and a great way to kick off the season.

Gold Medal This is the hardest one – of course! You may earn 7 total gold medals at the 2020 State Meet. The hard part is that they must beat the times you swam for your bronze medal in practice (hint, hint don’t go too crazy on your practice swims!). You decide which seven events of the seventeen to swim for Gold.

Olympic Trials/Christmas Meet Mark your calendars and get ready to have some fun Olympic style – old and new – at our annual meet on Saturday,  December 14 from 7:30-9:30 a.m. Coach Maria started the season off on Labor Day with some trivia knowledge of the Olympics that might come in handy when it comes to the events you may be swimming!

Throughout the season you may see other activities added for more fun to go along with our Olympic Theme. We’re open to ideas so let a coach know if you have any good ones!

Go for the Gold!

Swimmer of the Week:

MAC Swimmers are the greatest advertisements of all! We love how you share your stories on social media, with friends, etc. We would like to share your stories as well. Each week we will highlight a MAC Swimmer so we can learn more about the team.

Patrick Sturdy     

Being a MAC Swimmer is awesome. While I love being part of a swimming program which consistently wins State Championships, the best part of being on the team is the friendships I have made and the true sense of comradery I feel with my teammates. But I should not forget to mention the great coaches we have that provide support and encouragement that has helped me to continue to grow and develop even after 45 years of competitive swimming. I joined MAC in January of 2012 right after the EMU coldest meet. My Cousin (Steve Marshall) had been talking about this crazy swim coach and team he had joined. I had just finished up doing some private coaching and was getting back into competing. I ran into MAC at the EMU Coldest Meet. The Team was super friendly and then Gunnie (Susanne Grebe) got a hold of me and convinced me to come practice. The first practice was both grueling and revitalizing. I joined fellow lane 8ers (Steve Ruch, Maria MacGregor (now Coach Veen), Gary Krimmel, Melissa Richardson, and sometimes Megan Lassen). Immediately, it was like being a 12 year old age group swimmer again: Working our butts off during each set, and then joking and laughing and general mayhem in between sets, and yes, occasionally grabbing the fin of someone swimming in the lane next door (thanks Nat Evans and Joannie Eastridge for being such a good sports). That first practice I think we swam 500 500s and all for time. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but it was awesome. I was hooked. I’d found my home. During the last seven years I have seen MAC grow and develop into a team that welcomes both the highest level of competitor and those new to swimming. I am so proud to be a member of this swim team. I am looking forward to training and competing with the team during the next seven years.

Spread The Word:

Share the fun and fitness we have created at MAC!.  We now have a flyer available on deck. It gives details about MAC and MAC Lite. Thank you for being a part of the MAC Family!

Weekly Featured Workout:

300 (75sw, 25 Streamline Kick on back)

6×25 EVF bend w/snorkel and zoomers (holding paddles on forearms) @:45
1-3 left arm
4-6 right arm
-work and focus on early vertical forearm with great body position and hip/shoulder shrugged forward.

150 FR w/12 dolphin kicks off each wall (Long swim focused on EVF and perfect streamlines off walls)

6×25 one arm FR w/alternate arm out front w/snorkel and zoomers (w/paddle held on forearms) @:45
1-3 Left arm
4-6 Right arm
-focus on continuing to engage EVF with hip and shoulder shrug/rotation forward and fingertips pointed towards the bottom throughout pull

2×150 FR w/12 dolphin kicks on first and 8 dolphin kicks on second 150. Continue focus on EVF and perfect streamlines.

6×25 one arm FR w/alternate arm at side breathing to the non-stroking arm w/zoomers being very careful to put head back in water before following through with underwater stroke (w/paddle held on forearms) @:45
1-3 Left arm
4-6 right arm

3×150 FR w/12 dolphin kicks on first and 8 dolphin kicks on second 150, 6 kicks on third 150. Continue focus on EVF and perfect streamlines.

2×50 Fr long hold paddles
2×50 FR closed fist
100 FR Long w/OverKick
4×100 Fr Des 1-4 @:10 rest  Monitor times and hit pace on #4

2×25 BIG kick w/Big fins on side one arm lead w/snorkel (one rt,one lt)
2×50 hard kick in streamline position w/snorkel and big fins
100 F! Kick w/kickboard TIMED

2×50 closed fist
2×50 swim with paddles
100 FR Long w/OverKick
4×100 Hold pace and Match times from #4 on previous set

4-8×100 FR (time depending) w/50s kick w/board between each 100 working to hold pace times and stroke technique together.


Upcoming Events:

Sunday, Oct. 13th, Milan Swim Meet
Visit: for more information

Sunday, Oct. 27th, Milford Monster Meters Swim Meet
Visit: for more informationSaturday, Nov. 16th, South Lyon Swim Meet
Visit: for more information

Saturday, Dec 7th, Dewitt Swim Meet
Visit: for more information

Saturday, Dec. 14th, MAC Reindeer Games

Friday & Saturday, Dec. 27-28 MAC Clinics

For a complete list visit our website

Team Communication:

We use REMIND app/website, to send out last minute schedule changes, or messages. To sign up, and for more information – CLICK HERE

Coach Contact Info:



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