October 8th-14th, 2017

Weekly Schedule (10/10 – 10/14):

Monday,          MHS,    Distance workout,       Kris                  9:30-11am
MHS,    Race Pace,                  Jim/Melissa                  7-8:30pm

Tuesday,         LHS,     Regular Training,         Dianne             9:30-11am

Wednesday,    MHS,    Drill Day,                      Kris                  9:30-11am
MHS,    Distance opt.               Melissa/Jim                  7-8:30pm

Thursday,        LHS,     Regular Training,         Dianne             9:30-11am

Friday,             MHS    Race Pace Training       Dianne             9:30-11am

Saturday,        MHS                                         Maria               7:30-9:30am

Noteworthy: The season is starting off great with some awesome swimming in first couple weeks of practice! We are continuing to settle into our schedule for this season and I thank all of you for being flexible and understanding. The schedule will remain the same this week with the Michigan Masters Banquet on Sunday October 15.

If you have any questions or concerns about the schedule, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email! I know many of you are continuing to take advantage of this warm weather but I hope to see you at the pool soon!

Upcoming Events:

October 15                     Michigan Masters Banquet Genittis, Northville, MI-Details on the Michigan Masters website.

October 21                     No Saturday practice

October 28                     Milford Monsters Meters Meet

November 12                           South Lyon East High School

May 10-13, 2018                     Masters Short Course Spring Nationals Indianapolis, IN

Event Details/Results:
Michigan Masters Banquet: The Michigan Masters Banquet awards members for a variety of accomplishments, both in- and out of the water. One of the most important awards, honors Michigan Masters members for their continuous loyalty.  Last week’s email listed members of MAC that are set to receive awards for loyalty to Michigan Masters. (You can refer back to last week’s email on our website if you missed it.) You need to be there in order to get your award. Let’s support MAC!

Milford Monsters: Short Course Meters meet at our pool! This meet is a sprinter’s dream! 100s and 50s of strokes, 100 and 200 IM, 400 and 1500 FR. Also, the short relays, 200 FR and Medley! The most awesome part is that there is a 25 meter race that will be contested tournament style, think March Madness! No matter how much you have or have not (me) been in the water, everyone can swim a 25! Put this meet on your TO DO list and sign up on the Michigan Masters website or deck enter on the morning of the meet if you’re not sure! Let’s start off the year in MAC fashion and have a great presence at this meet!

From the Coaches:
Jim: Check-Off Challenge – 2017-18
Are you ready for a challenge?  To complete the challenge you need to swim each event once during the 2017-18 swim meet season (ending with State Meet). The complete swim meet schedule is on the Michigan Masters website; www.michiganmasters.com.  Swim each event, complete the attached worksheet, and receive a MAC prize!

check-off worksheet

Kris: Monday Distance: Are you a better kicker or puller? Or does your stroke work better when you put it all together? That’s what we will be trying to figure out this Monday as we continue to build our endurance.

Wednesday drill will be breaststroke as requested by last week’s swimmers. We always start with a long warm up and review from the previous week for about 45 minutes (1000-1600) before we start the drill work.



Dianne: Great week this week introducing undulation as it relates to butterfly and breaststroke. Many of you also got the chance to have some fun with Tempo Trainers and for all of you Monday night swimmers you will use TT tomorrow night. Take a note that as we continue to work with TT, try and settle into the rhythm rather than playing catchup the entire 25. Continue to give yourself the benefit of that great streamline underwater with an awesome breakout and then settle into to that stroke rate rather scrambling. It’s all about learning where you are most comfortable at different speeds; hat your body and stroke can efficiently do to go faster. I touched on shoulder-driven vs. hip-driven freestyle and note that this is one more tool for your swimming box. However, it’s up to you, with the help of your coaches, to figure out your fastest, most effective stroke. Here’s a brief video on the 3 style’s of freestyle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfjQkCeYB34

On a Personal Note: Congrats to the Milan Meet swimmers this morning: Kitty VandenBrulle, Hong Weng, Mike Smith, and Jim Izzi! Hong and Mike also laid down some early season Personal Bests!

Communication: If you have questions for any of the coaches don’t hesitate to ask! Here’s a quick list of emails to make that a bit easier!


  • Password for the Weekly Communication section of the website is: macswimmers

Dianne: h2oranger@hotmail.com
Kris: kris.goodrich@hvs.org
Jim: jimjtg@icloud.com
Maria: carpelacusnatavi@gmail.com
Melissa: jrichardson90@comcast.net

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