October 7th-13th, 2018

Weekly Schedule (10/7-10/13):

Monday               9:30-11am          Dianne

7-8:30pm           Jim

Tuesday              9:30-11am          Kris            Distance FR

Wednesday         9:30-11am          Dianne

7-8:30pm           Melissa

Thursday             9:30-11am          Kris            Technique

Friday                  9:30-11am          Dianne       Race Pace

Saturday             No Practice (see note in From the Coaches)

Noteworthy: If you receive Michigan Master swimming emails you got emails over the weekend about two exciting upcoming events: The banquet and a once in a lifetime clinic experience with former Olympic Gold Medalist Janet Evans! These events are both happening on Sunday October 21. The Clinic will be at 1pm at Lifetime Fitness in Novi and the Banquet will be at 4pm at Genitti’s in Northville! For full details on both events and ticket information please go to the Michigan Masters website: www.michiganmasters.com Many of our MAC swimmers are up for Continuous Loyalty awards for Michigan Masters swimming. A full list is below in the Personal Notes heading. Please consider attending these wonderful events with your MAC family; it looks like it will be a fantastic day!

This week we will continue to focus on Freestyle, specifically the rotation of the stroke. We will also continue to work on streamlines, body position, ready position, and kick!

Milford Monsters Meet is coming up in just under 3 weeks. Besides being the best meet on the schedule (Thank you 25 yard tournament), it is a great time to show Michigan Masters what MAC is all about out of the water! Mark your calendars whether you plan to swim the meet or not because we provide the snacks for the swimmers and volunteers and if any of you would like to volunteer out of the water please contact Coach Kris. Look for an email later in the week detailing the meet and volunteering opportunities!

Upcoming Events:

October 13                   No Saturday Practice (Penguins Meet)

October 20                   No Saturday Practice (HS Peak Week)

October 21                   Janet Evans Clinic and Michigan Masters Banquet

October 27                             Milford Monsters (SCM)

November 3                           South Lyon Masters

April 12-14, 2019                 MI Masters State Meet Waterford Mott HS-MAC Hosts

Event Details/Results:


From the Coaches:

Kris: Tuesday distance: Some of us had fun practicing streamlines with targets while we swam 500s last week (others who shall not be named maybe did not have quite as much fun!). This week we pick up the pace a little bit more!
Thursday Drill: We worked on how to make good breath control part of every practice. We will continue and finish this week on Thursday!

Maria: With no Saturday practice, join ME and come swim at Brighton High School for an unofficial Saturday workout! Open swim starts Saturday Oct. 13th at 12 noon, I’ll see you there!

Dianne: I’m looking forward to continuing freestyle this week. I can’t wait to continue to see all the improvements to your strokes! See you this week.

On a Personal Note: At the Michigan Masters Banquet – there are awards to members for a variety of accomplishments, both in- and out of the water. One of the most important awards honors Michigan LMSC members for their Continuous Loyalty in Masters Membership.

AWARDS:  Years of Continuous Membership

Coffee Mug 5-9 years
Michigan Masters Pin 10-14 years
Cash: $2 Per Year 15-19 years
Cash: $2 Per Year 20-24 years
Cash: $2 Per Year 25-29 years
Cash: $2 Per Year 30-34 years
Cash: $2 Per Year 35-39 years

(*Note: You can only receive one award per 5 year period. You must be present at the Banquet to receive your award.)


MAC Continuous Loyalty in Years:
Mitzi Amelon 8
Peggy Bruin 7

Kathy Burkhart 5

Bill Caldwell 9

John Cassidy 8

Jack Colliton 5

Elanor Defever 5

Nat Evans 8

Ann Franas 6

Gordon Frenette 7

Rita Gelman 9

Kris Goodrich 7

Sue Haapaniemi 6

Tom Hunt 6

Jim Izzi 8

Dianne Johnson 6

April Maunu 6

Jennifer McCauley 9

Tom Neal 8

Christine Nestor 9

Bill Palmer 8

Melissa Richardson 8

Carol Schemanske 5

Elizabeth Schmaltz 7

Mike Schuldinger 5

Tim Stachowski 9

Clisty Sturdy 6

Patrick Sturdy 7

Jacqueline Thorpe 6

Tom Welsh 6

Hong Weng 5


Ann Hunt 11

Becky Joitke 11

Kitty Vanden Brulle 11


Laura Gogola 19


Chuck Olson 23


Don Kroeger 27



Communication: If you have questions for any of the coaches don’t hesitate to ask! Here’s a quick list of emails to make that a bit easier!



  • Password for the Weekly Communication section of the website is: macswimmers


Dianne: h2oranger@hotmail.com
Kris: macswimgoblue@gmail.com
Jim: jimjtg@icloud.com
Maria: carpelacusnatavi@gmail.com
Melissa: jrichardson90@comcast.net

Facebook: MAC Swimmers – Unofficial team communications

Remind: www.remind.com


Go to: www.remind.com
1. Click Sign Up. You will be prompted for a phone number or email address. If you enter a phone number you will get a 4 digit code texted to you for verification. If you entered an email address, you will not get the 4 digit code.
2. You will be asked to enter: First, Last Name and a Password.
3. The next page will ask who you are: Teacher, Student, Parent, or Administrator. Select “Student”.
3. The next prompt is for a class code @_________. Enter: macsw06
4. Click Join. That’s it!

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