October 13th-19th, 2019

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Weekly Practice Schedule

October 13th-19th, 2019

All practices will run as scheduled this week. Please CLICK HERE to visit our website, and view the MAC weekly practice schedule.

This week we will focus on Breaststroke. Look for the Video of the Week tomorrow for a closer look at some of the drills we will work with this week.

Thursday’s Drill workout will focus on rotation for both Freestyle and Backstroke.


1. Tickets to the Michigan Masters clinic with Elizabeth Beisel on Sunday, Oct. 20th, at the Detroit Yacht Club, are selling quickly. If you’re interested in going, register now, before it sells out.  Register at MichiganMasters.com. Registration will close on 3:00 PM Wednesday 10/16.

2. Great MAC turnout at the Milan Kickoff meet today: Chris Bossio, Steve Hertz, Jim Izzi, Patrick Sturdy, Terry Bond-Manville, Jeanette Heaton, Mitzi Amelon, Clisty Kinlin, Mike Schuldinger and Kathy Burkhart.  They all got an early head start on their MAC Olympics medal count with lots of MAC Olympics silver medals earned today! – along with Blue, Red and White place ribbons.
Congratulations to Terry, for winning the MAC meet attendance raffle of a $10 Lottery ticket, which turned out to be a $100 WINNER!! At each meet this season we will have a MAC attendance drawing. You must come to a meet to get into that meet’s drawing!  Prizes will vary by meet.

Early season meets are great way to get a baseline on season swim goals. Our fall home meet is in 2 weeks (at MHS), Sunday, October 27th.  Register at MichiganMasters.com

MAC Suits and Parkas

As we head into meet season now is the time to place your order! Our custom MAC Parkas can take up to 12 weeks to ship. MAC team suits are also custom made so they also take a few weeks. Ask a coach or teammates who have previously ordered for advice on sizing!   CLICK HERE – to visit the MAC Team Store.

Swimmer of the Week:

Nat Evans

In June 2009, after dealing with a partial Achilles tear, among other injuries from years of running and playing competitive soccer, I bought a pack of twenty pool sessions, with the full intention of using them to heal and get back on the road.  Just the twenty.  I’d never really swam before either, but I figured the low impact exercise would help alleviate my ailments.  The first practice I struggled to make it through a single lap without hugging the wall or hearing the constant corrective yawp from the pool deck (which I still hear with good reason!).  But the folks were friendly and helpful, and I enjoyed the process of learning something new, along with the strenuous exercise.

Little did I know at the time, I would keep coming to practice, progressing lane-by-lane, eventually throwing in flip-turns for freestyle and backstroke after years of open turns, slowly inching my pace downwards for all strokes, and generally getting better.  As a member of the night crew, the team practices provide a welcome respite and way to decompress after a long day’s work, even if I can’t catch my breath sometimes.  OK, most of the time :-).  This opportunity is due in no small part to great coaching, from Suzanne to Dianne, Kris, Maria, Jim, and Melissa.  Their insistence and positivity, too, are immeasurable.

Forward 10 or so years, I still have so much to learn, and I’m motivated to keep improving.  I can’t thank the coaches, my lane-mates, our team enough for the camaraderie and great friendships, and I’m looking forward to a great season and beyond!

MAC Swimmers are the greatest advertisements of all! We love how you share your stories on social media, with friends, etc. We would like to share your stories as well. Each week we will highlight a MAC Swimmer so we can learn more about the team.

Swim Your Way to Bronze, Silver and Gold!

Earn Bronze, Silver and Gold medals by swimming events in practices, at meets, and at the 2020 State Meet. You can set goals to challenge yourself, race against teammates and even participate in our Medal Ceremony next spring! For complete details, visit our website – CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE to download a printable PDF worksheet, to keep track of your MAC Olympics progress, events and times, in addition to writing on the banner on the pool deck.

Spread The Word:

Share the fun and fitness we have created at MAC!.  We now have a flyer available on deck. It gives details about MAC and MAC Lite. Thank you for being a part of the MAC Family!  To view the flier, CLICK HERE for a printable PDF.

Weekly Featured Workout:

300 (75sw, 25 kick)

200 IM 1 arm

100 Fr sw lowest stroke count
100 BK Long with paddles-work underwater technique

6×25 streamline kick on your back (flutter) F! W/zoomers

2×75 (25Bk, 25 3Fr/3bk, 25 Fr)

2×25 build Fr

100 RIM MAX effort Fr, rest long

Right into 100 Fr timed



100 BR long w/paddles pull technique w/high elbows

6×25 BR kick with snorkel (or board) F!

2×75 (25 BR, 25 small br pull w/Fr kick, 25 Fr)

2×25 Fr build
100 RIM MAX effort FR, rest long

Right into 100 Fr timed-match or better time



6 x 25 Fly kick first work undulation with snorkel

100 Fly w/fins long work technique of undulation (50 drill 2 strokes 4 undulation feel/work the undulation with fins then 50 swim choice fins or not)

2×75 (25 Fly, 25 flutter FR, 25 Fr)

2×25 Fr build

100 RIM fr MAX, rest long

Right into 100 FR



2×25 travel scull w/snorkel

100 kick with board 25 R leg 25 left leg 50 over kick


100 Fr w/paddles and bouy  and fins work pull and turnover build to F!

1:00 rest

100 Fr timed (beat previous)

50 Free right leg up left leg up cool down
25 fly kick on back arms up
25 backstroke ez

4 x 25 drop a stroke one or less breaths

Upcoming Events:

Sunday, October 20th, Michigan Masters Clinic with Elizabeth Beisel, and Banquet at the Detroit Yacht Club.  To register: MichiganMasters.com and for more information

Sunday, Oct. 27th, Milford Monster Meters Swim Meet
Visit: MichiganMasters.com for more informationSaturday, Nov. 16th, South Lyon Swim Meet
Visit: MichiganMasters.com for more information

Saturday, Dec 7th, Dewitt Swim Meet
Visit: MichiganMasters.com for more information

Saturday, Dec. 14th, MAC Reindeer Games

Friday & Saturday, Dec. 27-28 MAC Clinics

For a complete list visit our website

Team Communication:

We use REMIND app/website, to send out last minute schedule changes, or messages. To sign up, and for more information – CLICK HERE

Coach Contact Info:

Dianne: h2oranger@hotmail.com
Kris: macswimgoblue@gmail.com
Jim: jimjtg@icloud.com
Maria: carpelacusnatavi@gmail.com
Melissa: jrichardson90@comcast.net

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