New Virtual Team Competition!!

Who’s Up for a Challenge?

MAC has been invited to complete in a Virtual Relay Competition with Club Tribe Masters Swimming in Virginia!

We all know the fun and success of our Virtual State Meet!  With that success comes recognition!  After our Virtual State Meet, Coach Kris wrote and submitted an article about our event to USMS.  Shortly after, USMS posted the article on their website and included it in an email blast to all of the USMS Membership.  Club Tribe Masters Swimming in Virginia was inspired after reading the article and decided, to create, and host their own version of the event – which was a huge success!  Now…Club Tribe is hosting another similar event, and has invited MAC to participate.

The new event will be teams of 4-person relays, each member with a distinct 6-hour leg in which to score points.  Complete event details are below.  The deadline for registration is next Wednesday, May 27 at 5:00pm. The virtual competition takes place Friday May 29 through Sunday May 31

CLICK HERE – to be redirected to the registration form:

Let’s gather our teams via MAC Facebook, phone, etc. and show Club Tribe how to be MAC Strong and part of a #BAN!

If you are in need of a team, contact a coach!

Club Tribe Dryland Relay Challenge
Invitation and Rules 

May 29 – 31, 2020

Club Tribe Masters Swimming cordially invites you and/or your USMS club, Tri team, other organization, or family and friends to participate in the Club Tribe Dryland Relay Challenge on May 29 -31. This is a fitness competition that will be contested by 4-person virtual relay teams, concluding with a Sunday afternoon celebratory Zoom. Join the fun! The rules are below and the entry form can be found here: 

LOGISTICS 1. Registration is now open and ends on Wednesday May 27 at 5:00 PM (EDT). You may enter the competition by completing this simple entry form and paying the entry fee.

2. The cost is $5 per individual or $20 per relay (for Club Tribe members, the cost is included in your annual membership fee). We accept Venmo (@ClubTribeMasters) and PayPal (

3. You may sign up as a 4-person relay (preferred) or as an individual. Only one person per relay should submit an entry form. If you enter as an individual, we will match you with a team and introduce you to your teammates. Relays can be any combination of men and women.

4. After all entries are received, the Meet Directors will create age groups based on the number of entrants and the most natural breaks in cumulative team ages. Each age group will be scored separately and will have its own Champion, Runner-Up, etc.

5. After registration closes, teams and age groups will be announced to all Team Captains and posted at under “Team News”.

6. Each 4-person relay will have one designated Team Captain. The Team Captain is a crucial role – this person must be willing and able to be in continuous communication with their teammates and the Meet Directors. We are 100% on the honor system and we will rely on each participant and each Team Captain for accuracy and honesty. Although there are no specific rules for proving or verifying a competitor’s activities, each Team Captain should understand that they are vouching for the veracity of their team members’ scores. This event only works and can only be fun if everyone engages in fair play.

7. All Team Captains must attend a mandatory Captains’ Zoom on Thursday, May 28 at 7:00 PM. Final relay orders are due at this time and will be made public after the Captains’ Zoom. No changes will be allowed to the relay orders after the Captains’ Zoom (absent exigent circumstances at the discretion of the Meet Directors).

8. The relay will be divided into four legs, with each competitor responsible for a single leg. All times are local for the competitor handling the leg, except that the anchor legs must use Eastern Daylight Time, irrespective of location.
i. Leg 1 (Noon – 6:00 PM on Friday, May 29);
ii. Leg 2 (6:00 AM – Noon on Saturday, May 30);
iii. Leg 3 (Noon – 6:00 PM on Saturday, May 30); and
iv. The Anchor Leg (8:00 AM – 2:00 PM EDT) on Sunday May 31.

9. Each participant must communicate results to his/her Team Captain within one hour of finishing the leg. Each Team Captain must report the results promptly on a document that they will share with the Meet Directors (all details to be discussed on the May 28 Captains’ Zoom).

10. As soon as all results are in for each of the first three legs, the updated results will be distributed to the Team Captains and posted at under “Team News”.

11. Final results will be announced on a celebratory Zoom social / awards ceremony at 5:00 PM EDT on Sunday, May 31. Club Tribe social events tend to go late, so buckle up!


A. Points System:

  • Each person has a maximum of 5 scoring opportunities. If you complete more than 5 activities, report only your highest scoring 5 events.
  • 5K Run/Walk (15 points)
  • 30-minute Walk (7 points)
  • 45 minutes of Cardio and/or Strength Training (15 points)
  • 15-mile Bike (on road or stationary bike) (15 points)
  • 5000-meter Row (15 points)
  • 1400-yard Open Water Swim (or continuous pool swim) (15 points)
  • Yoga for 30 minutes (10 points)
  • Train virtually with a teammate by exercising together for at least 30 consecutive minutes on any platform that supports two-way communication. Only one competitor scores (the competitor whose leg it is at the time), and competitors may use this scoring opportunity only once per leg (15 points).
  • Talk on the phone or chat on a video platform with a relay teammate one-on-one for at least 10 minutes (must be separate from any train-with-a-teammate opportunity – cannot combine the two) (5 points).
  • Post a picture on your team or personal Facebook or Instagram page of any competition-related activity, using the hashtag #ClubTribeDrylandRelay (4 points)
  •  Post a >1 min video on Facebook or Instagram of choregraphed activity (be creative), using the hashtag #ClubTribeDrylandRelay (only one person scores) (10 points)
  • Complete a 3-Part Event that includes any combination of the components listed below (45 points). This scoring opportunity can include a triathlon, a two-sport event (e.g. 5K run-12 mi bike-5K run), or an extended session of one of the events (e.g. 15,000-meter row).
    Here are the components of the 3-Part Events:
    ▪ Run/Walk 5K
    ▪ Bike 12 miles (road or stationary bike)
    ▪ Open Water or Pool Swim 1,200 yards (continuous)
    ▪ Row 5,000 meters
  • Each 3-Part Event counts as one scoring opportunity. For example, you can finish a 5K Run / 1,200-yard Swim / 5K Run, and still score 4 more times. If desired, a competitor can complete up to five 3-Part Events on their relay leg (time permitting). If a competitor wishes to do multiple 3-Part Events, they may do so by completing them consecutively, at separate times, or by multiplying the distances. For example, a 10K Run / 2,400-yard Swim / 10K Run would be worth 90 points.
  • The 3-Part Events must be completed in succession with reasonable transition times (essentially, competition-type transitions with allowance for any necessary travel between legs). If a transition exceeds these parameters, then the three parts must be scored as three separate opportunities rather than one.

B. Miscellaneous

  • If you perform a scoring activity for a greater distance or duration than what is listed above, you can get credit multiple times. For example, if you run 6.2 miles, you can record a 5K run two times. Doing so would leave you with three additional scoring opportunities.
  • No credit will be given for partial completion. E.g., if you do yoga for 45 minutes, you score 10 points (you would need to complete a full 60 minutes to get credit for two opportunities and earn 20 points), etc.
  • All rules interpretations, judgment calls, etc., will be made by the Meet Directors at their discretion.

Please direct any questions to Lead Meet Director Rich Williams at or General Manager of Club Tribe Kyle Ahlgren at We hope that you will join us for this exciting and fun event!!

The Club Tribe Dryland Relay Challenge is a voluntary activity that is intended merely as a tool to organize and promote adult fitness in these challenging times. It is not sanctioned, approved, or otherwise governed by U.S. Masters Swimming, and all competitors will participate at their own risk. If you have concerns about whether you can safely participate, it is advisable to consult a physician. 

Team Communication:

We use REMIND app/website, to send out last minute schedule changes, or messages. To sign up, and for more information – CLICK HERE

Coach Contact Info:


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