May 27th,-June 2nd, 2018

Weekly Schedule (05/27-06/02):

Monday,          No Practice-Memorial Day

Tuesday,         MHS,    Stroke Training,                                   Dianne             9:30-11am

Wednesday,    MHS,    Drill Focus,                                          Jim                   9:30-11am
MHS,    Distance Option,                                 Melissa 7-8:30pm

Thursday,        MHS,    Stroke Training,                                   Dianne             9:30-11am

Friday,             MHS    Race Pace Training,                             Dianne             9:30-11am

Saturday,        MHS    Open Water Training,              Maria               7:30-9:30am

Noteworthy: No practices tomorrow, Monday May 28 on Memorial Day! Enjoy the weather!

Please read through the calendar and event detail section, many new additions!

Also note the information on the Saturday (open water) Swim Session in the event detail. Open water Saturday Swims start this weekend, Saturday June 2!

Upcoming Events:

June 2                                     Saturday Swim (See Event Details for location)

June 16                                   Munley Meet MSU

June 18                                   Summer Hours Start

June 21                                   Penguin’s Open Water Swim

June 24                                   Big Swim 2 Tom Welsh’s House

June 20-July 9                      Milford Pool Shutdown

July 8-July 22                        Lakeland Pool Shutdown

August 4-5                              Lakeside Masters Invite Louisville, KY

August 13                                Senior Olympics Oakland Univ.

August 18                                Swim to the Moon

April 12-14, 2019                    (Pending) MI Masters State Meet Waterford Mott HS

Event Details/Results:

Saturday Open Water Swim: Our informal group open water swims start Saturday 6/2!  We are mixing it up this year and trying new locations with “Saturday Swim Spots (SSS)”!  Our first one will be held at Lower Pettibone Lake – not far from Milford High School. We’ve been invited to swim from a local resident’s house and will meet there at 7:45 am (swimming by 8 am). The address is 185 Lake Drive. Kim Yarima will be leading us the first week. Watch Facebook for more details as we get closer and come join us!  And stay tuned for future SSS – we’ll post regularly about our locations each week.

Penguin’s Open Water Swim: Come and support the Huron Valley Penguin’s Open Water Swim, Thursday June 21, 2018. The Open Water Swim will be held at the Kent Lake Beach inside Island Lake State Park. Full meet information will soon be available at:

Big Swim 2: The Big Swim 2 will be Sunday, June 24th @ 10:00 am at Tom’s house on Long Lake in Hartland (just 20 minutes from Milford).  The lake is approximately 2.5 miles around.  Any distance you want to swim is okay.  There will be a couple kayaks and a pontoon boat to support the swimmers.  Lunch and beverages (water, soft drinks, beer and margaritas) will be provided for an after swim picnic. A small donation will be taken with all proceeds going to Jim Young Gun Fund.  MAC swimmers and guests are welcome.  Please RSVP to: The address is:  1411 Shady Crest, Hartland, MI.  Don’t miss this great event!

From the Coaches:

Kris: Gone for the summer.


Melissa: Kim and I already tried Pettibone Lake this weekend – thanks J-Fly for the recommendation and kayak tour – and the water’s warm!


Dianne: We’ll continue the aerobic base with some floating (body position) mixed in between.

On a Personal Note: I wanted to include another note from Barb Hertz’s daughter Jenna. Keep Barb in your prayers this weekend!

Hello friends and family,

Sometimes there are second chances.  After surviving the first unsuccessful transplant remarkably intact in body and spirit, the doctors have offered my mom a second transplant using a different donor.   This time the doctors have a better idea of how to calibrate the procedure to my mom’s (very tough) body. This past week, her sister Faye who is a 10/10 “perfect” match to my mom’s HLA proteins underwent the donation process like a champ and they harvested more than enough cells (more than Jenna, not that anyone is counting 🙂 ). On Monday they will perform the transplant using Faye’s cells.  They tell us that her chances of success are good and we remain hopeful that this will cure her AML and possibly transfer Faye’s incredibly green thumb as well.

In the next few weeks we expect her to experience the full roller coaster of the transplant process.  She is already receiving chemo which she will experience the effects of in 7-10 days. This is a very trying process, they intentionally wipe her immune system out to make a clean slate for the healthy cells to grow.  If all goes well, it should take 2-3 weeks to engraft and then her numbers should come up to the point where we can take her home for the remainder of the 100 day recovery period. We are crossing all fingers, toes, and paws available in hopes that this goes smoothly.

These past few weeks have been the most challenging so far for everyone, especially our patient.  We deeply appreciate the care and love that all of you have been sending our family. Love is a real force in healing and this support matters to all of us.  In preparation for this transplant, we are stocking up on “strength-producing stuff.” You can help by sending me (


Something funny or joyful- This can include memories, photos, or anything funny. Laughter is really good medicine (not to mention an ab workout).



Communication: If you have questions for any of the coaches don’t hesitate to ask! Here’s a quick list of emails to make that a bit easier!


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