May 12th-18th, 2019

Weekly Schedule (5/12-5/18):


Monday               9:30-11am          Jim

6:30-8pm           Jim

Tuesday              9:30-11am          Dianne       Open Water

Wednesday         9:30-11am          Dianne

6:30-8pm           Melissa

Friday                  9:30-11am          Dianne       Race Pace

Saturday             7:30-9:30am      Maria




Noteworthy: This Saturday is that last Saturday practice at MHS until fall. Come and see Maria this Saturday because don’t look now but Memorial Day is next weekend!

There are four items of importance this week:

First; Is anyone still hoping for a State Meet t-shirt? We, MAC, still have them available. Everyone should have a memento from this fantastic State Meet where we, MAC, won our 7th consecutive state title. Shirts are available for sale on-deck ($12) from a coach and on-line ($15 including shipping) on the MAC website. Here’s a closer look:

Second; Have you seen our new banners? If you haven’t, take a look…

They’re fantastic, thank you Coach Jim! If anyone is interested in one of the old banners please let the on-deck coach know, they are FREE to a good home!

Third; Does anyone have a family member or friend that’s in need of help. Last year we were able to do a service project as a team and help out Barb Hertz by assisting with projects around her house while she was going through treatment for cancer. We would love to do that again as a team and help out a person in need. If anyone has anyone in mind or ideas please email me at:

Fourth; A few weeks ago a few of us participated in a CrossFit for Swimmers session at CrossFit Justice. It was an excellent session and despite being extremely sore afterward, I had a great time. CrossFit Justice would love to work with us on a more regular basis. What I would love from MAC is feedback on whether or not you would be interested in a regular class at CrossFit Justice. Please email me your thoughts at:


Upcoming Events:

May 18                       Last Saturday Pool Practice at Milford

June 1                        Tentative Start to SSS (Saturday Swim Spot)

June 17                      Summer Schedule Starts

June 21                      Penguins Plunge

June 26                      TREX TRI

July 12                        Motor City Mile/Swim Across America

July 24                       TREX TRI

August 10                  Swim for Grand Traverse Bay

August 11                  Mighty Mac Swim

August 18                  Swim to the Moon

August 21                  TREX TRI

September 2              Labor Day Games

September 16           Fall Season Start


Event Details/Results:


Summer Open Water: Open water swim season will be here before you know it!  Here are some options for those of you who are interested in training opportunities and/or events:

  1. MAC Open Water Swim Practice:  The upcoming summer MAC practice schedule will include a Thursday evening practice at Spring Mill Pond with Maria (Starting June 20).
  2. MAC SSS (Saturday Swim Spots):  We’ll continue to have our informal group swims on Saturday mornings.  Looking to start this on June 1st – stay tuned for confirmation and details as we get closer!  This year we’re looking at making Dunham Lake our “home” lake but still traveling around to other lakes here and there.
  • For those of you new to MAC…Coach Melissa and Kim Yarima lead a group swim every Saturday morning during the summer months.  It’s not a formal practice and there’s no coaching – just a group swim of varying distances.  We use the buddy system and watch out for one another.  Various levels and speeds of swimmers – EVERYONE welcome!

We would strongly recommend that anyone interested in SSS or other open water swims over the summer months, purchase a swim bouy and a whistle. Safety is key when we are out in open waters! Both are easy to find at Swim Outlet or New Wave Swim or even Amazon. Here are links:

  1. Swim to the Moon:  Looking to get a new swim event on your calendar to train for?  Consider Swim to the Moon (open water swim event in Pinckney State Recreation Area) on Sunday 8/18!  There are distances for everyone:  .5 mile, 1.2 mile, 5k and 10k. If you sign up, be sure to select the “Milford Athletic Club (MAC)” team designation so we can track our #BAN MAC swimmers!  Click link for more information:

Huron Valley Penguins Plunge: Open Water Meet will be Friday, June 21, 2019 at Island Lake State Park – Kent Lake Beach.  13 & Over Options are 1K, 3K or 5K.   Registration and event details will be available soon at:



From the Coaches:


Kris: Gone for summer.



Dianne: Jim coached Monday, thanks Coach Jim! I’ll see you Wednesday and Friday!


On a Personal Note: I apologize for the lateness of the weekly, I was visiting my mom in Florida over the weekend. I hope everyone’s Mother’s Day was wonderful!



Communication: If you have questions for any of the coaches don’t hesitate to ask! Here’s a quick list of emails to make that a bit easier!


  • Password for the Weekly Communication section of the website is: macswimmers



Facebook: MAC Swimmers – Unofficial team communications



Go to:
1. Click Sign Up. You will be prompted for a phone number or email address. If you enter a phone number you will get a 4 digit code texted to you for verification. If you entered an email address, you will not get the 4 digit code.
2. You will be asked to enter: First, Last Name and a Password.
3. The next page will ask who you are: Teacher, Student, Parent, or Administrator. Select “Student”.
3. The next prompt is for a class code @_________. Enter: macsw06
4. Click Join. That’s it!

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