MACs Giving

A Virtual Event – Join Us!

Due to the latest Statewide shutdown, The MAC team has come up with another MAC Virtual Competition to keep us all active, safe, and connected during the Thanksgiving holiday and shutdown!

This competition will run from Sunday, November 22nd through December 8th. (Sign Up/Entry is open throughout competition run). 

Track your progress, checkoff your events as you do them, and see how others are doing – CLICK HERE


How It Works:

  • Sign up/Regsiter for the event – CLICK HERE.  This is a virtual event costs $25, and INCLUDES A T-SHIRT! You can sign up/enter anytime throughout the competition run.Friends and family are welcome to join!
  • MAC will make a donation to a local food bank with proceeds.
  • The goal is to complete all the events on your Thanksgiving Table of events. There are no winners or losers, just a fun challenge.
  • Choose your option: Choose SURF (pool) or TURF (land), or complete them BOTH!  You can complete the events in ANY ORDER.
  • There’s also SIX – Black Friday Blowout Bonus Events – if your up for an extra challenge!
  • After you register, you can begin anytime you want.  Track your progress, CHECKOFF your events as you do them, and see how others are doing – by adding your name to the interactive Google Event Doc. – CLICK HERE
  • Check with Huron Valley Pools and Fitness for OPEN SWIM times.  Pools times are available at both Milford and Lakeland. – CLICK HERE
  • We will get your t-shirt to you – via US Mail, or In Person – as soon as they are available from the printer.
  • This is what MAC is all about – connections and the MAC Family! So, sign up, invite some new people, get moving, and let’s show our MAC Spirit even when we can’t be together!

Thanksgiving Table Events:

Macs-Giving-Thanksgiving Table of Events PDF

Below Are Detailed Workouts: