MAC Weekly: October 18-24th, 2020: 

Weekly Practice Schedule
October 18-24th, 2020:

Mon 9/19: 9:15-10:45am – MHS – Coach Jim
Tues 9/20: 7:15-8:45am – MHS – Coach Kris
6:45-8:15pm – LHS – Coach Melissa
Wed 9/21: 9:15-10:45am – MHS – Coach Dianne
Thurs 9/22: 9:15-10:45am – MHS – Coach Kris
No PM Practice (High School Swim Meets)
Fri 9/23: 9:15-10:45AM – MHS – Coach Janette
Sat 9/24: 10:30AM-12:30PM – LHS – Coach Jim

CLICK HERE for QUICK ACCESS to the MAC Health Screen Form, which needs to be completed every time you come to the pool.

Most Asked Questions this Week:

1. MAC Schedule: During these times, the available pool time is limited, so we apologize for swim practice cancellations. We are doing our best, working with Huron Valley to offer as many MAC practices as we can. Look for a REMIND text or email, when there is no practice at a usually scheduled time. You can sign up for REMIND notifications below.

2. MAC Attendance: The last couple weeks, MAC practice attendance has been somewhat low. As more of you return to the pool, we will space out swimmers, by starting workouts and swimmers from both ends of the pool, and stagger swimmers from the wall, and flags, to help maintain social distance while swimming.

3. Health Screen Form:  Yes, you per Huron Valley Schools, you need to fill out the on-line for every time you come to the school pool. CLICK HERE for QUICK ACCESS to the MAC Health Screen Form, which can also be found on our website.

4. Leftover HVPF – MAC Punches:  If you have leftover swim punches from HVPF, you can get a refund or you can use your old punches for a visit to the pool during Open Swim hours. Please email Shannon Loso with HVPF

Workout of the Week:

By Coach Dianne Johnson

300 (75sw, 25 Streamline Kick on back)


6×25 w/snorkel Front Scull (3 holding paddles on forearms, 3 wearing paddles)


150 FR w/12 dolphin kicks off each wall (Long swim focused on EVF and perfect streamlines off walls)


6×25 one arm FR w/alternate arm out front w/snorkel and zoomers (w/paddle held on forearms) @:45

1-3 Left arm

4-6 Right arm

-focus on continuing to engage EVF with hip and shoulder shrug/rotation forward and fingertips pointed towards the bottom throughout pull


2×150 FR w/12 dolphin kicks on first and 8 dolphin kicks on second 150. Continue focus on EVF and perfect streamlines.


6×25 one arm FR w/alternate arm at side breathing to the non-stroking arm w/zoomers being very careful to put head back in water before following through with stroke (w/paddle held on forearms) @:45

1-3 Left arm

4-6 right arm


3×150 FR w/12 dolphin kicks on first and 8 dolphin kicks on second 150. Continue focus on EVF and perfect streamlines.





2×50 Fr long hold paddles

2×50 FR closed fist

100 FR Long w/OverKick

4×100 Fr Des 1-4 @:10 rest  Monitor times and hit pace on #4


2×25 BIG kick w/Big fins on side one arm lead w/snorkel (one rt,one lt)

2×50 hard kick in streamline position w/snorkel and big fins

100 F! Kick w/kickboard TIMED


2×50 closed fist

2×50 swim with paddles

100 FR Long w/OverKick

4×100 Hold pace and Match times from #4 on previous set


4-8×100 FR (time depending) w/50s kick w/board between each 100 working to hold pace times and stroke technique together.




Team Communication:

We use REMIND app/website, to send out last minute schedule changes, or messages. To sign up, and for more information – CLICK HERE

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