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Due to the overwhelming popularity of the MAC Virtual State Meet, we have come up with another MAC Team Competition.  This one will work a little differently.  Participants will be split up into multiple teams of 8 people.  Together, as a small team, you’ll need to work together “virtually” to complete the events. Points are awarded not only for activity but also for keeping each other connected. This is what MAC is all about – connections and the MAC Family! So, sign up, invite some new people, get moving, and let’s show our MAC Spirit even when we can’t be together!



10 Events:

1. 50 Yard Dash – 5 Points
If you do the dash in a Bathing Suit/Swim Gear and Post the Photo to MAC Facebook Page –  get an EXTRA 5 Points

2. 1:00 Minute Plank with Your Pet (You Define “Pet”) & Post Photo to MAC Facebook Page – 5 Points

3. 45 Minute – Choice/Active Workout – 15 Points

4. TEAM Marathon (26.2) Virtual Team Relay:  Walk/Run Total Distance as a Team.  All team members must participate, individual distance may vary by team member – 45 points

5. Bike Challenge:

  • Mt. Bike:  5 Miles = 10 Points, Add 2 Point for each additional mile during the same workout – up to 15 Miles in 1 workout.
  • Road Bike:  10 Miles = 10 Points, Add 1 point for each additional mile during the same workout – up to 15 Miles in 1 workout.

6. Cook Your Favorite Meal: Take A Photo of Meal & Recipe & Post to MAC Facebook Page – 10 Points

7. Call Someone to Check/See How They’re Doing – 5 Points

8. Dance Challenge:

  • INDIVIDUAL: Dance Challenge Video (Social Distancing Dance) & Post Video to MAC Facebook Page – 10 Points
  • TEAM: Dance Challenge Video. Choose a Team Song. Each Member Indivudually Creates Their Own Dance Video, Then Combine Videos & Post Video to MAC Facebook Page – 45 Points

9. Dirty 800 Dryland Workout: Must Do Total Number of Reps in Same Workout, Your Choice on How to Split Up Number of Reps. See Below for Detailed Video Explanation – 45 Points


10. Group Yoga Poses – .

• Each person on your team must choose from one of the yoga poses below.

• Get a picture of each person’s pose.

• No two team members can do the same pose. (Every team member needs to to a different pose.)

• For some of these, there are two variations shown. You can do either pose.

• Pictures must be submitted/posted together as ONE submission from the team. Do not submit/post individually.  Create a collage of the team.  – 20 Points





How It Works:

1. Competition Begins 9:00am Monday April 6th and will continue ALL WEEK through Sunday, April 12th at 5:00 pm.

2. After registration closes on Sunday 4/5 @ noon, the MAC coaches will split up all participants into multiple teams of 6-8 people (depending on total registration).  The different team breakdowns and all competition events will be visible on the Google Doc, around 4:00 pm Sunday 4/5. Events will not be revealed until registration closes.

3. BEFORE Competition Begins (after your teams are assigned):

  • Contact/connect with your fellow teammates
  • Choose team captain
  • Pick a team name, and send your team name to Coach Jim:

4. AFTER Competition Begins:

  • All individual and team event points will be counted and totaled AS A TEAM.
  • Keep in contact with your team.  Work together “virtually” to complete as many events as you can to accumulate points.
  • You can do as many or as few events as you wish
  • You may do the same event multiple times
  • Events can be done in any order – at any time— indoors, outdoors, or a combination of both

5. Log your event progress on the Google Doc. Please record your entries on the Honor System. 

6. Competition begins 9:00am Monday April 6th and ends at 5:00 PM Sunday, April 12th. At that time MAC coaches will add up the team scores to determine a team winner.

7. Join us Sunday night at 6:30pm for another ZOOM Cocktail Hour to kick off the festivities!

Questions? Email a Coach

Coach Contact Info: