June 3rd-9th, 2018

Monday,          MHS,    Distance/Open Water             Jim                   9:30-11am
MHS,    Distance                                              Jim                   7-8:30pm

Tuesday,         MHS,    Stroke Training,                                   Dianne             9:30-11am

Wednesday,    MHS,    Drill Focus,                                          Jim                   9:30-11am
MHS,    Distance Option,                                 Melissa 7-8:30pm

Thursday,        MHS,    Stroke Training,                                   Dianne             9:30-11am

Friday,             MHS    Race Pace Training,                             Dianne             9:30-11am

Saturday,        MHS    Open Water Training,              Maria               7:30-9:30am

SSS      Dunham Lake                                       Kim                   7:45-9:30am


Noteworthy: This Saturday Swim Spot will be at Dunham Lake. See below for details!

Summer hours will start in just about 2 weeks (June 18); here is what the schedule is shaping up to look like:

Monday 9:30-11am MHS (pool)
Monday 6-7:45pm Island Lake (pond)
Wednesday 9:30-11am MHS (pool)
Thursday 7-8:30pm MHS (pool)
Saturday 7:45-9:30am SSS (changing location)


Upcoming Events:

June 16                                   Munley Meet MSU

June 18                                   Summer Hours Start

June 20                                  Barb’s House Volunteer Project

June 21                                   Penguin’s Open Water Swim

June 24                                   Big Swim 2 Tom Welsh’s House

June 20-July 9                        Milford Pool Shutdown

July 8-July 22                         Lakeland Pool Shutdown

August 4-5                              Lakeside Masters Invite Louisville, KY

August 13                               Senior Olympics Oakland Univ.

August 18                               Swim to the Moon

April 12-14, 2019                    (Pending) MI Masters State Meet Waterford Mott HS

Saturday Open Water Swim: This week’s open water SSS (Saturday Swim Spot) on 6/9 will be Dunham Lake. We will be the guests of Jack Colliton and Carol Schemanske.  Meet at 7:45 am at Jack’s home:  930 Murray Hill, Highland, 48357. Be sure to park in his driveway or grass – not the road.

For those of you who are new to our informal Saturday swims…please know all levels are welcome.

Penguin’s Open Water Swim: Come and support the Huron Valley Penguin’s Open Water Swim, Thursday June 21, 2018. The Open Water Swim will be held at the Kent Lake Beach inside Island Lake State Park. Full meet information will soon be available at: HuronValleyPenguins.com

Big Swim 2: The Big Swim 2 will be Sunday, June 24th @ 10:00 am at Tom’s house on Long Lake in Hartland (just 20 minutes from Milford).  The lake is approximately 2.5 miles around.  Any distance you want to swim is okay.  There will be a couple kayaks and a pontoon boat to support the swimmers.  Lunch and beverages (water, soft drinks, beer and margaritas) will be provided for an after swim picnic. A small donation will be taken with all proceeds going to Jim Young Gun Fund.  MAC swimmers and guests are welcome.  Please RSVP to: twelsh217@gmail.com The address is:  1411 Shady Crest, Hartland, MI.  Don’t miss this great event!


From the Coaches:

Dianne: You’ll see some increases in yardage this week as well as continuing to work on freestyle technique and floating along with backstroke floating. See you then!

On a Personal Note: On Wednesday June 20, at 6:00pm come and meet at Barb’s house (address to come) and help her and her family prepare the farm for the summer. Kris and Irene have arranged for us to help out with some much needed chores around the farm. The plan is to help weed around the house for a while and then head over to Baker’s for dinner. All interested can bring their gloves and weeding tools and show Barb and her family that we are with them and are MAC Strong. Address details to come!

Communication: If you have questions for any of the coaches don’t hesitate to ask! Here’s a quick list of emails to make that a bit easier!



  • Password for the Weekly Communication section of the website is: macswimmers


Dianne: h2oranger@hotmail.com
Kris: macswimgoblue@gmail.com
Jim: jimjtg@icloud.com
Maria: carpelacusnatavi@gmail.com
Melissa: jrichardson90@comcast.net

Facebook: MAC Swimmers – Unofficial team communications

Remind: www.remind.com


Go to: www.remind.com
1. Click Sign Up. You will be prompted for a phone number or email address. If you enter a phone number you will get a 4 digit code texted to you for verification. If you entered an email address, you will not get the 4 digit code.
2. You will be asked to enter: First, Last Name and a Password.
3. The next page will ask who you are: Teacher, Student, Parent, or Administrator. Select “Student”.
3. The next prompt is for a class code @_________. Enter: macsw06
4. Click Join. That’s it!

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