April 14th-19th, 2019

Weekly Schedule (4/14-4/19):


Monday               9:30-11am          Dianne

6:30-7:15pm      Kris

6:30-8pm           Jim

Tuesday               9:30-11am          Kris   Distance FR

Wednesday         Cancelled


Thursday             9:30-11am          Kris

Friday                  8:45-9:30am      MAC Lite-Kris

9:30-11am          Dianne

Saturday             7:30-9:30am      Maria




We did it!!!!!!! Congratulations MAC on our 7th Consecutive State Title; Large Team Combined, Women’s, and Men’s!


From Kris and Jim: Thank you MAC for all you help and support in running a fantastic State Meet. Yes, it was a lot of work but the volunteerism and dedication of this team was incredible. Thanks to all who volunteered and helped in any way over the weekend and/or throughout the entire process!


On a Personal Note: Thank you to Kris and Jim for a fantastic meet. I am not sure that I can thank them enough for all that they have done as Meet Directors to run, plan, host, and swim in this State Meet. Additionally, I am not sure that I can convey how important their work has been not only with this meet but in making this team successful everyday inside and outside of the pool! Thank you both so very much!!!!!!!


To MAC: You are an amazing team! Each and every one of our members strives to be their best not lonely for themselves but more importantly for each other and this team! I am continually amazed by this team and its members. We have people swimming events that they have never swum, events that they may not want to swim, through injury, through illness, and all with a smile and a positive attitude that they will do their absolute best for their team and team mates. It is just incredible, a true inspiration! Thank you all for making MAC Strong!


I would be remiss if I didn’t thank Mitzi Amelon and Ann Ward In addition to the Meet Directors Kris and Jim for their professionalism after a swimmer collapsed on Saturday night after swimming the 500 freestyle. Mitzi and Ann assisted the lifeguards on deck in administering CPR and an AED to successfully revive the male swimmer. He was taken by ambulance to the local hospital where he was met by his wife and daughter. We are happy to report that by Sunday morning (earlier today) the male swimmer, Jim (Unattached), was conscious, talking, and joking with his family. It appears that he will make a full recovery. As Kris stated at the meet this morning, keep him and his family in your prayers.


Congratulations again MAC on our 7th Consecutive State Title. As the schedule states we will have practice tomorrow, but it will be short, and we will go out for a bite after each practice on Monday and then take Wednesday off to rest and celebrate. After am practice we will head to Americus in Milford for breakfast and the pm practice will head to Duke’s after for a celebratory toast to MAC!


Get some sleep MAC, you deserve it!!!!!!! #BAN

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