September 29th-October 4th, 2019

Weekly Practice Schedule

September 29th-October 4th, 2019

All practices will run as scheduled this week. We will be resetting Freestyle. Please CLICK HERE to visit our website, and view the MAC weekly practice schedule.

Thursday 10/3 Drill Focus: Freestyle High Elbow Pull – Early Vertical Forearm
Saturday 10/5 Saturday Focus: Strength and Conditioning, In and Out of the water


Welcome to our NEW Weekly Newsletter! Thanks to Coach Jim for designing this newsletter and his continued hard work on our website!

Mark Your Calendars! The 9th Annual Michigan Masters Banquet on Sunday, October 20th, at the Detroit Yacht Club at 4:00 PM.  2016 Rio Olympic Team USA Co-Captain and 3 Time Olympic Swimmer Elizabeth Beisel will be the featured guest speaker at the banquet.  The banquet will immediately follow a Masters Swim Clinic that Elizabeth will be giving at the Detroit Yacht Club’s indoor lap pool at 1PM.  For banquet, clinic, brunch-with-Elizabeth tickets, and complete information visit Last year we had a good turnout of MAC Swimmers at the banquet and clinic. Everyone enjoyed Janet Evans last year; both in the pool and hearing about her Olympic experiences – get signed up – we hear that Elizabeth Beisel is not to be missed!

Michigan Masters Loyalty Awards honor Michigan LMSC members for their continuous Masters memberships. You must be present to win your award and you can only receive an award once every five years. The prizes are as follows:

5-9 Years – Michigan Masters Coffee Mug
10-14 Years – Michigan Masters Pin
15-19 Years – Cash: $2 per Year
20-24 Years – Cash: $2 per Year
25-29 Years – Cash: $2 per Year
30-34 Years – Cash: $2 per Year

Below is a list of eligible MAC Honorees, and length of membership:

5 to 9 Years: (Award: Michigan Masters Coffee Mug)
Mitzi Amelon, Terry Bond-Manville, Peggy Bruin, Kathy Burkhart, Pat Butler, John Cassidy, Jack Colliton, Eleanor Defever, Brad Eastridge, Nat Evans, Kris Goodrich,  Sue Haapaniemi, Tom Hunt, Jim Izzi, Dianne Johnson, Clisty Kinlin, Tom Neal, Bill Palmer, Melissa Richardson, Carol Schemanske, Elizabeth Schmaltz,  Mike Schuldinger, Mike Smith, Patrick Sturdy, George Sveda, Jacqueline Thorpe, Chuck Wallin, Ann Ward, Tom Welsh, Hong Weng, Matt Wuchte

10 to 14 Years: (Award: Michigan Masters Pin)
Martha Amis, Richard Bazzy, Bill Caldwell, Brice Chase, Nathalie Gardon, Rita Gelman, Ann Hunt,  Becky Joitke, Bill Porter, Tim Stachowski, Coleman Teach, Kitty Vanden Brulle, Maria Veen

20 to 24 Years: (Award: Cash $2 per year)
Laura Gogola,  Chuck Olson

25 to 29 Years (Award: Cash $2 per year)
Ralph Davis, Don Kroeger

30 to 34 Years (Award: Cash $2 per year)
Dennis McManus

Swimmer of the Week:

MAC Swimmers are the greatest advertisements of all! We love how you share your stories on social media, with friends, etc. We would like to share your stories as well. Each week we will highlight a MAC Swimmer so we can learn more about the team.

Janette Heaton

I’m MAC swimmer. My story as a MAC swimmer began back in 2005. The Huron Valley Pools had just opened and I had just started the competitive age group team the Huron Valley Penguins. I was also asked to start a Masters swim program. Swimming by myself a few mornings a week I was introduced to another gal doing the same. This gal was no other than Susanne Grebe. We enjoyed our practices together and started talking about Masters swimming. A few weeks later Susanne met with the pool director and MAC was started. The first couple of years we swam the Masters State Meet as members of FAST. Then as Susanne started recruiting every adult swimmer who came onto the pool deck for practice and at meets. The MAC team started growing. The first State Team award MAC won was Small Team Women High Point. The MAC team was growing every season and more practices were added for open water, triathlon practices, dry-land conditioning and more. The highlight for me was attending the FINA Masters World Meet in Montreal in 2014. I made a family vacation out of attending the meet. I remember the first MAC swimmer I ran into when I got to Montreal, Patrick Sturdy. I was delighted to see a familiar face. I’m so proud to be a MAC member. I boast about the MAC team whenever I can. MAC keeps me active and gives me a GREAT group of friends to swim with. I thank all the MAC members for their comradery over the past years and look forward to many more.
Thank you, Janette Heaton
Proud to be one of the founding members of the MAC team.
Photo: FINA Masters Worlds Meet Montreal 2014 Daughter Grace, Son Norman, Myself & Husband Jeff.

Spread The Word:

Share the fun and fitness we have created at MAC!.  We now have a flyer available on deck. It gives details about MAC and MAC Lite. Thank you for being a part of the MAC Family!

Monthly Feature Article:

Streamlines – From Fingers to Toes

By: Kris Goodrich
Certified USMS Level 1-3 Coach, Certified ASCA Level 1-3, BS Kinesiology

One of my favorite workouts to coach is a Thursday drill workout for my Masters team. I think of it as Drill with Purpose but the swimmers affectionately call it ‘Fun with Mirrors’ since we are lucky enough to have twelve mirrors to swim with and use for feedback. Swim mirrors are large pieces of reflective metal that can be placed in the pool to watch yourself while you swim. The Thursday group picks a topic every week that is the focus for the whole workout the following week. Usually I ask them what they would like to work on then I write the workout but at the beginning of the season I choose the topics and we start..  READ MORE

Weekly Featured Workout:

From September 23, 2019
200 (75 sw, 25 KOB streamline)
200 pull w/buoy only –  streamline for dist. off walls, drop stroke ea 50
200 w/paddles w/ Over kick
200 w/zoomers w/12,8,6,4 dolph kicks off walls per 50

4×25 kick w/zoomers/board – left leg only
100 long w/zoomers- right leg up. Focus on left leg kick
200 right padd/left fin, build by 50
6×50 @ pace HOLD. get times  :10 RI

4×25 kick w/zoomers/board – right leg only
100 long w/zoomers- left leg up. Focus on right leg kick
200 left padd/right fin, build by 50
6×50 @ pace HOLD. get times  :10 RI

200 kick w/ board – social kick – silent kick.. all under H20 – ankles/feet

4 times:
3×50 – @ pace HOLD :10 RI,
50 sprint kick w/board
1:00 Rest, then repeat

200 free – goal: hold 50’s pace

Upcoming Events:

Sunday, Oct. 13th – Milan Swim Meet
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Sunday, Oct. 20th – Michigan Masters Banquet Visit: for more information

Sunday, Oct. 27th – Milford Monster Meters Swim Meet
Visit: for more informationSaturday, Nov. 16th – South Lyon Swim Meet
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Saturday, Dec 7th – Dewitt Swim Meet
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Saturday, Dec. 14th – MAC Reindeer Games

Friday & Saturday – Dec. 27-28 MAC Clinics

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