Custom MAC TYR Swim Suits



The suits are made by TYR. If you haven’t bought a new suit lately they are available at Making Waves in Royal Oak to try on or any swim shop close to your house will have TYR as well. If you are buying the suit for a RACE suit for MEETS, you should be buying it ONE SIZE SMALLER than you usually buy for a practice suit. It should be hard to get into and tight enough so that water cannot get in and slow you down while you are racing. If you are unsure of your size you should ask a coach on deck for recommendations. We have lots of experience sizing suits and know how they should fit. If you are buying it for a practice suit it is okay for it to run a little bigger and be more comfortable to get on.

The Team suit includes a MAC embroidered Logo.

Ladies TYR (Thick or Thin Strap) – $58.00

Men’s Jammers $40.50


To order a Team Suit, Contact: Adina Bohr:

Turnaround Time: 10-14 Days

Adina will email you back with payment details.


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